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Intelligent online video delivered on demand

...delivering you more calls to action

Intelligent video from Multichannel TV adds interaction to new or existing online videos and is a great way to ensure your viewer is engaged and your message understood.

It is ideally suited to: -

  • Sales and Business Development programmes that need to generate qualified leads
  • Training and CPD programmes that need to check viewers have understood the topic
  • Personalised role plays and business excellence training

Why do I need it?

How do you know that your viewers have not only heard your message, but that they've understood the key points? DID YOU KNOW that research shows that the average amount of information retained from a traditional five minute video is 24%? We can’t judge the success of online video on viewing figures alone. Using Intelligent Video, you can not only track how many people are watching, but also build a personal experience for the viewer and profile them as the video plays, giving you invaluable MI and return on investment.

What are the elements?

  • Menus and choices – allow the viewer to choose their path through the video
  • Questions and polls – profile your viewers and generate market research and qualified sales leads
  • Feedback and quizzes - check your viewers have understood the content, validating learning and CPD
  • Red button call to action – allow the viewer to request more information/contact at any point
  • Weblinks and hotspots - allow clickable on-screen content to be linked with further information and competitions