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Our approach? Better programmes = more viewers!

Wouldn't you like to work with a company that thought a little different about online video? That didn't just do what's been done before? Who challenged preconceptions and had the end in mind, right at the beginning! Here’s how we do it…

A truly proactive approach

Our success has been built on really simple principles; proactively understand our clients businesses and markets, offer tremendous value for money and produce programme formats that work online and deliver viewers.

There are many different program styles to suit all audiences, applications and budgets. Shoots can be done in-studio or on location throughout the UK. We can even incorporate existing video footage (B-roll) and design graphics/animation to reinforce key points throughout the programme, including pre and post-rolls.

Experts in creating programmes for online and mobile

Always with maximum impact and shelf-life in mind, we work with you to script content into manageable segments that directly address issues and questions your audience wants answering. This allows the user to easily navigate between chapters, as well segmenting them to be mobile and iPod/iPad friendly.

Evidence shows that around 5-10 minutes, is a good compromise between a presenting enough information to be useful against time available in business hours for viewing. Longer than this runs the risk of interruptions or the user not watching the programme in the first place because they can’t or won’t allocate the time in the business day. Longer programme formats work better if viewed outside business hours and on delivery to mobile devices such as an iPod/iPad where the programme may have a ‘captive’ viewer e.g. on a train journey.

A transparent pricing structure

Although every programme is different, it became clear very early on that our clients really wanted an easy way to plan and budget, knowing what costs they could expect. Our innovative Pricing Guide was born! Our 16-page guide provides modular costings for all popular formats and services and has proved invaluable in helping our clients deliver more for less. Click here to request yours.

Focused delivering viewers and ROI

We truly care that your programme gets results. We see our job as delivering viewers to you, rather than producers of online video. A key part of the Multichannel TV proposition is to work with your team right at the outset to formulate a promotional plan that integrates the programme with your full range of marketing activities. We always ensure that our programmes have a strong and very visible 'call to action'.

The programme launch plan can combine many diverse elements. This include: -

  • Design and build of a custom-made microsite/media centre
  • Design and delivery of an email marketing campaign
  • Design of promotional advertising /teasers
  • We also cater for users that may not have Internet access. For them we are able to build branded DVDs and/or USB memory sticks