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Our client dashboard - All your programmes stats available 24/7

Many valuable pieces of MI that measure programme ROI are lost using traditional hosting methods. For instance, just because someone started watching it doesn’t mean they viewed it in full. Which parts did they watch? Was the programme understood? Did the viewer act on the call-to-action? With our client dashboard things are different!

Analytics Manager gives you one central login to view statistics on all your programmes. It also allows you to produce PDF reports for downloading and printing.

Standard version

  • Total views
  • Percentage of programme viewed
  • Chapters watched
  • Total views per week
  • Total views by hours of the day
  • Total views by day

Enhanced version (in addition to standard)

  • Number of unique viewers
  • List and download of viewers by name/type or other field
  • Number of clickthroughs on programme call to action
  • Number of clickthroughs on supporting documentation links
  • Download of all programme feedback
  • Answers to interactive questions within the video

Campaign Manager gives you a central point to promote your programmes from. It allows a ‘one-click way’ of re-promoting to the list of users that haven’t watched.

In addition, mobile users are also catered for with the ability to send promotional SMS messages. Mobile devices such as phones, iPads and iPods can also have programmes automatically downloaded by the use of PodChannel - all the user has to do a is to subscribe to the service and the device will do the rest.