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Professionally  audiocast your slide presentations both on and offline in order to reach your  entire audience - Powered by SlideChannel

Audiocast slide presentations and animations...

SlideChannel helps you capture the character and personality of a face-to-face presentation and turn it quickly and cost effectively into an on-demand audiocast.

SlideChannel gives you: -

  • A large graphic interface that can go full screen
  • Audio that loads as quickly as possible and plays smoothly
  • The ability to add on screen slide animation, builds and multimedia
  • Simple user navigation with the option to navigate by title, thumbnail or playhead.
  • Slide notes/text transcript that run alongside the audio
  • Multi-language subtitles can be added as option
  • The ability to provide a downloadable version to be played offline


Here's how we do it: -

  • We work with you to produce a script, helping change copy into spoken word
  • You have the choice of whether to record it yourself or use one of our webpresenters
  • You can supply us with an edited MP3 file or we will record it in our studio
  • We turn your slide presentation into thumbnails and on-screen graphics, builds and animations
  • We turn the script into text transcript into notes which run alongside the audiocast
  • All of this is put into a branded interface in your colour-ways and a draft link sent to you
  • Once any amendments have been made the SlideChannel is set to live and statistics set up

Example uses

Use it to for :-

  • Presentation follow-ups - Missed the face-face event? Catch it still on SlideChannel
  • Scheme and product launches
  • Bringing 'white papers' and technical presentations to life
  • Product and service training
  • Client education
  • Online help systems
  • Monthly/Quarterly reporting