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Intelligent online video delivered on demand - Powered by OpenChannel.

Quite simply, great looking, easy-to-view videocasts...

We create and deliver high-quality video webcasts using OpenChannel and Intelligent Video; an exciting combination that is revolutionising how people can use video online, going beyond what's possible with YouTube and other free players.

Our research reinforces the 'success factors' required for today's online video. Once we have created your programme, OpenChannel delivers it with: -

  • Smooth playback - we don't start the video unless we can play it without interruption
  • The highest quality possible - There are three versions of your video: low, medium and high
  • The option to download audio and video versions to watch offline
  • Instant access and navigation throughout the video
  • Content split into easy to consume chapters wherever possible
  • Engagement and interaction using Intelligent Video
  • Simultaneous delivery across both desktop and mobile platforms (both Flash and HTML 5 video)
  • The ability to remember how much has been watched and record these statistics
  • The ability to be directly embedded in webpages or have a branded microsite built around it
  • A variety of options of how you can secure it - allowing you to monetarise your content

Try it for yourself and look our for our client examples all around our website.

Why is it better?

Why not just use YouTube or another Free Player for your videos? Well consider these points...

  • OpenChannel is firewall-friendly. Many companies and organsations will block staff access to YouTube. Wouldn't you rather your video just 'worked' in these environments?
  • OpenChannel has Intelligent Video inside. Other players just play the video, we can interact with the audience and get valuable calls to action and feedback during the webcast.
  • OpenChannel has chapters. Wouldn't you rather your viewers had instant easy access to any point in the video via a simple button click?
  • OpenChannel supports YOUR brand. Wouldn't you rather the whole viewing experience felt and looked like your brand rather than someone elses?
  • OpenChannel links to YOUR other content. The whole point of watching your video should be a call to action at the end within your site rather it linking out to someone elses.
  • OpenChannel has extensive statistics - Wouldn't you like to know exactly what parts of the video the viewer watched and what they did afterwards? With our Client Dashboard you can.

Example uses

Great looking video webcasts start with our creative process and our proactive approach in helping you make the right programme for your audience. You can find more about it this and our simple pricing structure by clicking here. Some of the uses of OpenChannel include :-

  • Presentations to camera
  • Interviews and briefings
  • Round-table and panel discussions
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Event round ups
  • Interactive training and professional development
  • Self-service help systems and web walkthroughs
  • Masterclasses, roleplays and knowledge sharing
  • Product marketing and launches
  • Partner development
  • Client education

Having intelligent video inside means there is a wealth of options you can add: -

  • Pre and Post-rolls - You can add video/animated graphics or ads at the beginning or the end
  • Related content- the ability to link to other videos/content during video playback
  • Restricted content - only play a certain amount of the video, then ask for viewer action
  • Licence/Pay-per-view based e-commerce of video content
  • Multi-language subtitling
  • Premium content - based on user login/privileges
  • Viewer feedback forms and discussion forums on a per video basis
  • Linking to social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Linked in
  • The ability to interact with the webpage as the video plays. Ideal for building up personalised forms and surveys to be filled in after the video finishes.

Don't forget we design, build and host a great looking media centre for you too. You can see some examples shown in our website videos.