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Events, Conferences and Awards

Create memorable video content to show at your events. Need a way to brighten up a conference? Video is a ideal way to both open an event and for a speaker to create impact with their audience.  We create opening stings, montages to show at the end of the day and also post-event round ups for those that couldn’t attend. You can see some links to examaples on this page.

Extend the learning and revenue potential of events, seminars, conferences and key note speeches. Our OpenChannel interface has been especially designed to integrate PowerPoint slides and graphics into programmes, maximising image quality as well as giving the viewer to download the presentation afterwards. We can also secure and monetarise your event content through our e-commerce integration capabilities. 

Creating PR and interaction through live web events - Live events and forums are a great way to generate industry comment, news and PR. LiveChannel caters for both live and time delayed Internet broadcasting, given you options to take in questions from a remote audience for panel discussions and to also cater for any post production editing.