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...reach your marketplace with a more human face

Integrate online video within your existing marketing campaigns. This can include: - Email marketing with integrated sound clip teasers linking to online video content - Fully managed email and SMS marketing campaigns with links to online video - Advertising and video teasers within your company and partner websites - QR barcodes on print and poster advertising that link directly to mobile friendly video. We always ensure that our programmes have a strong and very visible call to action - whether that be links to follow up information, a contact request form or offers and competitions.

Making your 'added value' come to life - Whatever you are selling, it's always much easier to sell it face to face. People buy from people and very often it's the expertise of the staff that surround the product or service that makes the real difference in a sales situation. Seeing how your product or service makes a difference in real life situations is a very powerful sales tool.

Client case studies and interviews can really provide the proof that your products and services really do make a difference to both their business goals and them personally. Allowing a client to speak themselves and express how they feel about your company, sells you in a way that client lists and written case studies never can.