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...new ways to complement face-to-face training

Helping delivering expert training - Complex products and services can be far more easily explained by taking an example situation and using the power of expert trainers to bring out the key points of how a product service should be marketing and sold. However your expert trainers and presenters only have so many hours in the day!

If your company is geographically dispersed or you have partners throughout the UK, then managing how to handle expensive and scarce resource like expert trainers and presenters can be a key issue. Their true power is still in face to face situations, but using online video their expertise can be broadcast and experienced by more people than otherwise possible and their face to face time focussed on situations where they bring the maximum benefit.

Using validated communication to deliver structured CPD - Ensuring learning is assimilated and assessed in financial, pharmaceutical and health and safety environments can be made easier by using tests and questions using intelligent video.

For example, we measure how long each person watched a programme for, plus also the ability to immediately link straight through to a set of questions within the video in order to ‘validate’ the learning and automatically produce the CPD entry or certificate.