Our very own 'Film Machine'


Our very own 'Film Machine' video microsite allowed FCUK fans to create, direct and personalise their own film in hopes of winning a trip to Sydney for the Film Festival!

Users were provided with a vast but easy-to-use selection of pre-filmed clips, copyright-free music, and other media to mix and match in creating their own unique advertisements. Instagram-like filters and select genres like romance or noir were available for an even more personalized touch and total creative control.

How It Worked

There were seven short steps to making your film, click the images above to see selected screengrabs

  • Step 1: Select Your Scenes The first step in the process was picking six individual scenes that you would like to utilise in order to create your short film. We created thirty six scenes to choose from, with each showing you a short mini-preview of the action.
  • Step 2: Edit The Sequence Like any true film director, you had to put your six chosen scenes into a chronological order.
  • Step 3: Add A SoundtrackThe ‘Make A Scene’ website allowed you to select a variety of backing tracks that are grouped into ‘moods’ like romance, panic, desire, hope and fear – so you could match the perfect symphony to your film slides.
  • Step 4: Special Effects You had the choice of six unique effects that will be applied to your short film. These include things like indie, romance or comedy and will ensure that the finished film captured the essence of you.
  • Step 5: Add Title Add the title of your film and your name, which was shown at the start of the video.
  • Step 6: Production Our 'Film Machine' worked behind the scenes to get your chosen combination created into your very own video that you could then share with family and friends.
  • Step 7: Share The website then provided you with links to help you share your handiwork with your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

The ‘Make A Scene’ concept proved to be a breath of fresh air with over 10,000 films created and provided a quirky twist to traditional fashion brand campaigns – allowing fans of French Connection to not only explore the upcoming collection in an unconventional way but also give them a chance to truly become part of the brand.